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Aug. 30th, 2009 | 01:48 pm
where im at: Canada, Winnipeg
my mood: bouncy bouncy
music: the cliks

so im going to start off this lovely new blog about my life with an everyday normal entry.

i redid my room yesterday!! im totally IN LOVE with it.
out with the old in with the new. thats my mo-do for september.
new room, new school year, new attitude, new... boyfriend?
i think it might just need to come down to that.
single life allows me to be free! have fun with the girls!
not have to worry about getting too drunk at a party and macking some guy and having my boyfriend get mad at me for it.

i waisted my whole summer on one stupid boy who i THOUGHT would grow up to be my husband, my unborn childrens father..
but COME ON sabrina, there is NO way thats going to happen. your 16!
a wise man once told me that you need to look at life as if it were a meter stick.
100 centimeters.
you have roughly 100 years or so to live.

now, imagine this meter stick.
look at what point of the stick your at right now,
and how much more of the stick is left.


its the longest thing you do!
everyones always running around saying there's never enough "time"
anyways, this whole meter stick thing made me think.
and im thinking that having a life companion isnt really one of my top priorities at the moment.

i need to just take some time to be sabrina =)

we've been dating for a little over 9 months which is "forever" in teenage time.
he told me to at least give him a chance to prove himself to me till the end of summer.
personally idk what he's going to prove in two weeks that he cant just prove now.

ANYWAYSSSS, check out my new room!! so nice i love it.

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